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  The Magisterial District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. They handle landlord-tenant matters, small civil claims (cases involving amount in controversy up to $12,000), summary offenses, violations of municipal ordinances, and preliminary hearings and arraignments in greater misdemeanor and felony offenses pursuant to Pennsylvania's Rules of Criminal Procedure which go on to be tried in the courts of common pleas. Magisterial District Courts may issue emergency protection from abuse orders when the domestic relations branches of the courts of common pleas are closed.
Magisterial district courts divide up their jurisdiction by geographical location. Most such districts include several municipalities. Magisterial District Judges do not have to be lawyers; however, those who are not lawyers are required to complete a certification course prior to serving. The magisterial district courts are supervised by the president judge of the court of common pleas of that judicial district.
Magisterial District Judge

Robert Dzvonick


1007 Mt Royal Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15223